New summer interns, max and emil.

2022 Brings Summer Interns From Finland and Stavanger

Distance is out of the equation when it comes to gaining valuable work experience over the summer for this year's summer interns, Max and Emil. 


Hands on deck, putting their education to the test

Emil (22) is originally from Stavanger, Norway. He just finished up a bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture Management at NORD University in Bodø before he headed over to Kristiansund for the summer to be a summer intern for the analysis department, more specifically for the salmon team. Emil just recently found out that he got accepted to the master’s degree program in Fisheries and Aquaculture Science at UiT the Arctic University of Norway, a program he will be starting this fall. “I’m excited to gain some valuable work experience in between my studies. This internship will help me gain better insight into the industry”, says Emil.

Our second summer intern is Max (34), who is originally from Finland. Getting in the car and driving all the way from Finland to spend his summer in Kristiansund was an easy decision for Max, as he gets to spend the entire summer focusing on his passion: data. Max will be joining the tech team this summer, who is embarking on a new journey: a state-of-the-art technological platform. After the summer internship is over, Max will be continuing his master’s degree in Data Science at Tampere University of Applied Sciences back in Finland. “This summer, I will be focusing on gaining as much experience as possible while working with and learning new technologies. It’s a great opportunity”, says Max.


From a simple Google search to a summer internship

Emil has been following Kontali since he read a report by Kontali in conjunction with his studies. Since then, he has shown an interest for Kontali and what we do, so when he saw the summer internship appear on LinkedIn he applied immediately. “When I saw the job posting I thought, this is something for me. And I wasn’t wrong. So far, I’ve been given a lot of trust and responsibility early on in my internship. Up until now I’ve been part of working on a yearly report that is coming out later this year, a variety of Ad Hoc reports, and a case study for the European Commission. There’s plenty to do, which is proving to be very educational. I really get to sharpen my analytical skills and knowledge through this internship, which is great”, says Emil.

For Max, the story was a little different as he had not heard about Kontali before applying to the internship. For him, the search for a summer internship started with a simple Google search and shortly the search resulted in the Kontali summer internship appearing on the computer screen. “I didn’t know much about Kontali before starting my search for a summer internship but when I saw the job listing my interest peaked right away. Here is a company that is analytical and works with statistics and data. What a match! So far, my days have been occupied by gathering data from different sources, a process called ETL. I’m also lucky that I get to work on the backend developments of the newest development from Kontali, their new technological platform. I’m learning a lot!”, says Max.


Hoping to gain valuable experience they can bring into future endeavours

Both Emil and Max have been working at Kontali now for a couple of weeks, learning the ropes and getting to know the people behind Kontali. The two agrees that this is a place where they can learn a lot, from industry experts in various fields, making this a valuable experience they can bring with them into future endeavours. When asked what they hope to gain from working with Kontali this summer, both agreed that gaining network and increasing their skillset is on the top of their list.


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