Man holding a big cod on a fishing boat

A 6% Increase in Catch Volume for Norwegian Cod Fisheries

The main season for Norwegian cod fisheries has come to an end. 

In April, the global catch of Atlantic cod was 133.880 tonnes, a 16% decline from March. Norway had the largest catch volumes with 64.300 tonnes. The average ex-vessel price for H&G cod above 2,5 kg in the NRL-district was 22,81 NOK/kg in April.

Exports from Norway in April was 43.830 tonnes (wfe) and the most important products exported were fresh whole, frozen whole and salted cod.  Most of the volume is exported to the EU and the UK ( 90%). The export price for fresh cod was 30,61 NOK/kg in April, a decline of 2% from the previous month and a 21% decline from April last year.

The main season for Norwegian cod fisheries has come to an end and there were caught 230.000 tonnes of Cod in Norway from January to April. Many vessels aim to catch their entire quota during this period and 60-65% of total cod catches in Norway is normally landed in the first 4 months. In the same period last year, the catch amounted to 217.000 tonnes which means that the catch increased by 13.000 tonnes (+6%).

Exports from Norway in January-April amounted to 164.700 tonnes (round weight). The main products exported from Norway are fresh whole, frozen whole, and clipfish which covers 34%, 23%, and 12% of the total exported volume, respectively. The most important market is the EU with 78% of the volume being exported there. Compared to the same period in 2020, the export has increased by nearly 17.300 tonnes (round weight) and we see changes in the export share for different product groups. The most important products are the same, but a larger share of fresh whole and fillets is exported at the expense of exports of clipfish and salted cod. Products suited for sale through retail has driven the volume up, while typical products consumed “out of home” has experienced a lower demand during the same period.

Regarding price, the main cod season in 2021 has experienced export prices at around 20% lower than last year. The weighted average export price of fresh cod from Norway was 33 NOK/kg in January-April, a decrease from 42,59 NOK/kg in the same period in 2020. Large catch volumes due to the increased quota and lower demand in addition to a shift towards sales in retail have contributed to the downward price-pressure.


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Image: Shutterstock by Andrey Tirakhov