All-time-high export volumes from Chile

Exports of fresh fillets to the USA and frozen whole to the Chinese market have surged.

Never has Chile exported more Atlantic salmon in one month than July 2020.  Figures provided by Chilean customs show that 64.750 tonnes wfe (+20% Year-over-Year) were exported at a total value of USD 277 million (-11% YoY). Although export volumes reached all-time-high levels, the development in export value was limited by low price levels due to worsened circumstances in important markets. During the first seven months of 2020 the average export price for Chilean Atlantic salmon decreased by 16% YoY. 

Behind the increased export volumes during the summer months there are some developments worth noticing. In terms of volume, the largest increase compared to last year was  the supply of fresh fillets to the USA (+32% YoY). Relatively, the largest increase observed came from the total exports of frozen whole salmon, increasing by 60% compared to July 2019, mostly directed towards the Chinese market. In addition, there was some increase in volumes of frozen fillets exported to Japan and Israel.  

The trend highlighted above reflects the development seen so far in 2020: Exports of fresh fillets to the USA and frozen whole to the Chinese market have surged, while volumes of fresh whole Atlantic salmon have declined.  

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