Cover photo for Catch of the Day featuring Jan Erik

Catch of the Day: July '21 Edition

Our Senior Analyst Jan Erik shares what’s been occupying his time this past month.

There are millions of resources, and a myriad of data and information about seafood waiting to be discovered, analysed and brought to life. A big part of a Senior Analyst’s job is bringing data and information to life to help clients from all over the world interpret and understand their challenges in different areas of the industry. Let’s dive a little deeper into what that entailed for Jan Erik this past month.


Effects of lifted COVID-19 restrictions and possible farmed Atlantic salmon trends

“I recently wrapped up my work on the Salmon Market Analysis, which is an annual report that was published at the end of June this year”, says Jan Erik, one of Kontali’s Senior Analysts. The report provides a detailed overview of the latest trends in the trade of salmonid products to all relevant markets around the world and the report is now available to purchase. “Some of the most important findings uncovered in this year’s edition is the effect COVID-19 has had on the industry, and more specifically on macroeconomic factors, product flows and product composition”, says Jan Erik.

“In general, what I’ve been working on for the past months is looking into how markets are working towards getting back to normal as COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. That is something we continuously monitor here at Kontali, to report these findings to our customers. And to hold the European Commission updated on these findings”, says Jan Erik. Another big part of Jan Erik’s work here at Kontali is being responsible for all aspects of project management, communication and product development through reports and projects for the European Commission.

Another report Jan Erik oversees is the Weekly Salmon Outlook, which is a weekly update covering short-term trends and forecasts related to production and market supply of farmed Atlantic salmon. When asked if he could give some insight on possible trends or the market regarding the weekly update, Jan Erik said “We’re seeing relatively good prices for the farmers. From a farming point of view, we also see that the US market is showing record high prices. For the next three to four months, things are looking very good. It looks like there will be a good balance between production and market demand”.


A visit from the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Seafood

This past month hasn’t just been all about crunching numbers and analysing trends for Jan Erik. Back in mid-July, Jan Erik held a company presentation along with Head of Analysis Ragnar Nystøyl for the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Seafood and his Political Advisor, along with a handful of representatives from Møre og Romsdal Høyre and representatives from Kristiansund Municipality.

The Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Seafood, who found his visit to Kontali to be an insightful and educational visit, had several visits planned as he visited Møre and Romsdal, with the goal to visit companies who contribute to making Norway a leading seafood nation. “It was great to have the Minister visit us this month and to be able to share what we do here at Kontali along with sharing some insight on how we at Kontali view the fishery and aquaculture industry. As Kontali has a strong position on the global market, perhaps we were also able to put Norway in a more international perspective when it comes to the seafood industry”, says Jan Erik.


Sustainability and the seafood industry

When asked if Jan Erik has been seeing any industry trends the past months, he shared that he has been seeing a focus on sustainability. “We see that there is an increased focus on sustainability in the industry. From sustainability in traditional farming, to make it as environmentally friendly and natural as possible, to players for land-based farming who are also focusing on sustainability in their communication with markets. It is great to see that the industry is focusing on operating in harmony with nature, as much as possible, to be as environmentally friendly as possible.”


Catch of the Day is a monthly column highlighting our experienced team of analysts here at Kontali, where we take the reader through what our analysts have been working on for the past month. There is a myriad of data and information waiting to be analysed and brought to life, and our experienced analysts are the backbone of Kontali becoming a trusted provider of independent and objective information to the seafood industry. Missed last month’s edition? Read it here.