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Catch of the Day: October '21 Edition

From researching salmon trends, working on the yearly conference, and partaking in the Seafood Next program, it has been a busy month for our Analyst Kristina.

Kristina joined Kontali back in August and has since been busy with various tasks around the office while also participating in NCE Seafood Innovation’s program Seafood Next.


Kristina has been busy at work since starting as an Analyst back in August

Since starting her new position as an Analyst here at Kontali, Kristina has been working on several different projects. “Recently, I have been working on various tasks regarding a couple of different big projects for the salmon team. For example, I have been working on a project where I have been responsible for doing research on seafood and aquaculture for a specific country. This entailed gathering information concerning customer behaviour and habits in terms of all things salmon. I also had to do research on how the fisheries and aquaculture industry is regulated and look at potential future trends. It has been very interesting work”, says Kristina.


Trying new things was also on the table this past month, as Kristina participated in the planning of the company’s yearly conference, Produktivitetskonferansen.

Kristina has also been part of this year’s planning committee for the company’s yearly conference, Produktivitetskonferansen. Along with other colleagues, she has been part of putting together this year’s conference, which took place in Kristiansund 2. – 3. November. “It has been really fun to be part of this year’s conference and learn what goes into planning such a big event. We are basically starting from scratch and then planning this whole event, which is something I have never done before, so it has been really educational”, says Kristina. “It has also given me a chance to gain new contacts as we have to talk to different industry experts in terms of the program. The conference is a great arena for networking and learning from industry experts”, says Kristina.


Gaining seafood knowledge through NCE Seafood Innovation’s program, Seafood Next.

Apart from working on various projects at Kontali and the Produktivitetskonferansen, Kristina is also part of Seafood Next, a program through NCE Seafood Innovation with the purpose of accelerating the competence for professionals new to the seafood industry. Recently, Kristina headed up to Trondheim for her second module. “There are four modules going over three days. So far, I have been in Bergen for the first module, where the theme was value chain, and then most recently I travelled to Trondheim for the second module where the theme was research and innovation. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the seafood industry while listening to informative presentations by industry experts. And not to mention a great opportunity to grow your network”, says Kristina.


Catch of the Day is a monthly column highlighting our experienced team of analysts here at Kontali, where we take the reader through what our analysts have been working on for the past month. There is a myriad of data and information waiting to be analysed and brought to life, and our experienced analysts are the backbone of Kontali becoming a trusted provider of independent and objective information to the seafood industry. Missed last month’s edition? Read it here.