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Catch of the Day: September '21 Edition

This month, Knut has been participating in the development of the new digital platform and finishing up The Salmon Farming Industry in Norway.

Knut is one of our Senior Analysts here at Kontali and has been with the company for the past five years. As a Senior Analyst, Knut is responsible for the production of several important reports such as Salmon World, Norwegian Aquaculture Suppliers, Aquaculture Bulletin, and more. Knut is, in fact, responsible for three out of four annual reports published by Kontali and one of finalised this week.  


One of the most sought-after reports is now available: The Salmon Farming Industry in Norway 2021

With a background in economics and finance, it is fitting that Knut is also responsible for the annual benchmark report The Salmon Farming Industry in Norway. For the past several months, Knut has been working on finalising this year’s edition of the report, a report based on the financial accounts of companies in the Norwegian salmon farming industry, giving a thorough overview of the Norwegian salmon farming companies. The report was published earlier this week.

“It has been a tough year for the industry, due to the situation around COVID-19. After the decrease around HoReCa demand, I saw through our analysis that while the industry had a setback in terms of profitability, the industry is and has been rather adaptable. Furthermore, I can mention that the report shows that 2020 had a decline in profitability but in a historical context profibility has been rather normal”, says Knut. 

The impacts imposed on the industry by COVID-19 is just one of the interesting topics this year’s report dive deeper into. The Salmon Farming Industry in Norway 2021 report benchmarks the entirety of the Norwegian salmon farming industry, where financial key numbers and add production parameters are used. “The report fills a specific and unique need on the market, making it one of the most sought-after reports out there based on the content, data, and detailed analysis behind it. The report is now available to purchase”, says Knut.


Meeting familiar faces and networking face to face again

Knut has had the opportunity to step outside the office from time to time, and at the end of August he headed to Trondheim along with other Kontali co-workers to attend Aqua Nor. “After not having the opportunity to see and meet others from the industry for a while due to COVID-19, it was great to see familiar faces and network at the Aqua Nor conference in Trondheim back in August. It was clear that people were excited to mingle and finally attend a physical event, and we are also excited to have the opportunity to go through with this year’s Productivity conference 2021 as a physical event after having it be a digital event last year”, says Knut. Along with other co-workers, Knut is responsible for planning this year’s conference.  "You can register for the conference already today and you get a discount for early registration so what are you waiting for?", says Knut.


Working alongside tech to create better products for our customers and better tools for our analyst

It is no secret that Kontali is working on building a state-of-the-art digital platform. Our tech department is working with a handful of analysts to help them identifying the needs of customers and the analysis team. Knut is one of the analysts collaborating with the tech department. “I have been participating in meetings to help identify what the needs are and how to best cater to these needs, in order to create the best possible digital platform and product for customers and our team of analysts moving forward. It has been exciting work and I am sure customers are going to be thrilled when they see what we have been working on as it adds a lot of value for them”, says Knut.


Catch of the Day is a monthly column highlighting our experienced team of analysts here at Kontali, where we take the reader through what our analysts have been working on for the past month. There is a myriad of data and information waiting to be analysed and brought to life, and our experienced analysts are the backbone of Kontali becoming a trusted provider of independent and objective information to the seafood industry. Missed last month’s edition? Read it here.