Chris, Dr. of "Other Species"

Kontali's newest hire expands our expertise on shrimp and other fish species.

Tell us a little about yourself:  
My name is Chris and I’m from the Netherlands, but I have lived abroad in different countries for the last 10 years. I have a MSc in Aquaculture from Wageningen University and a PhD in Aquaculture engineering from the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel. Before Kontali I have had different jobs within the aquaculture industry, mostly within recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and warm water aquaculture. My previous job was as Global Marketing Manager for feed company Skretting/Nutreco in Stavanger, Norway.   

Why did you decide to come work for Kontali? 
I have always had an interest in numbers, analytics and the financial side of fish farming. I like the systematic and transparency within the salmon industry and the role Kontali is playing here. I also see the challenge here within warm water aquaculture. When Kontali looked for a person to focus more on warm water aquaculture I took the opportunity.     

Moving to a new city with your family must have been a big decision, what tipped the scale? 
You could call me a bit of an adventurer. Although Kristiansund is a smaller city it still has everything you need and a bit more. The most appealing aspects is the breath-taking nature and landscape. So far the weather has been good, so we have been able to enjoy the scenery. It is a really nice place for the kids to grow up.  

What kind of work will you be doing? 
With our recent acquisition of Seafood TIP we have a great foundation to extend our coverage and knowledge on the shrimp and warm water fish aquaculture.  Kontali has long traditions with analysing the salmon and trout industry. I hope to combine the best of two worlds and provide detailed analysis to answer your questions on shrimp and other fish species.

What do you hope to gain from working at Kontali? 
I hope gain a broader insight into key markets and companies within the seafood sector. Also systemizing numbers can be used to increase transparency in the sector, which is an aspirational goal as well.  


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