Early Spring for Kontali

With 4 new signatures secured, Kontali is getting a head start on an exponential growth period.

Kontali is happy to announce we have hired four new employees to join our offices in Kristiansund. Throughout the first quarter, Kontali is planning on hiring an additional six more.

Among Kontali’s new hires is Ragnar Rønning, filling the newly created position of Sales and Marketing manager. With a long and varied career within the seafood sector, including a summer internship at Kontali, Ragnar says he is ready to be part of building something new and telling the world about the importance of seafood in addition to strengthen the professional environment in Kristiansund.

Alongside the Sales and Markeing manager, Nina Furuseth will work as a digital marketing manager. With a master’s in PR and Communication and four years of work experience from New York, Nina is ready to strengthens Kontali’s brand and communication.

Kjetil Klaussen, a civil engineer and computer wiz, has been hired as CTO to lead the development of Kontali’s new cloud-based platform. Investing heavily in technology, Kontali aims to develop a brand-new solution for sharing intelligence with our customers and expanding the tools available to our analysts. Although great at what he does, Kjetil cannot do this alone. If you want to be a part of his team and help us build the new platform, check out our available positions: Data Engineer/ Data Scientist/ Cloud Architect,Backend Developer, or Full-Stack Developer).

Lastly, Kristina Tronsen will be joining Kontali fresh from the University in Tromsø with a master’s degree from the Norwegian College of Fishery Science. Kristina has both practical experiences working with salmon and theoretical knowledge which will make her an asset to our salmon analysis team.

Are you a student and want to get a taste of working at Kontali? Check out our summer internship.

Managing director Thomas has an offensive three-year plan which includes growing from 17 to 40 employees at Kontali’s offices in Kristiansund and Haag. Kontali is investing between 15 and 20 million NOK in Kristiansund, mostly as new hires. Any acquisitions will come in addition, where we expect to present the first already this year. New employees and new acquisitions are essential to strengthen Kontali’s expertise, reach our goals and be the global reference point for seafood insight.


Pictured above: Ragnar Rønning (left), Nina Furuseth, and Kjetil Klaussen (right)

Image: Trond Hasselø, TK.no