Ryan Dalton

From Ireland to Norway, Join us in Welcoming Ryan to Kontali!

Ryan is the latest addition to the tech team, and he is excited for the new challenges and opportunities this new job is giving him.

Our latest employee has been working at Kontali now for a full month while trying to adjust to the new changes he is undergoing.  No, we are not talking about in terms of the coding language and other tech related things but more considering the change of location as our newest employee is a born and raised Irishman now living in Norway for the first time.


From Ireland to Norway, on the path of embracing a new country, culture, and job

Ryan (29) is born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland. “Since graduating, I have worked in various fields such as finance tech and for investment and networking security companies, mostly in software developer and research roles”, says Ryan. Before visiting and moving to Norway this year, Ryan had never even set foot in Norway before, but he is now fully working towards adjusting to and embracing a new country and culture. “So far so good, I’m liking it here”, says Ryan with a smile on his face.

Ryan got tech at an early age. He has always liked solving problems and finding new solutions to the same old problems. Having worked in the tech industry for a while in Ireland, Ryan felt like now was the perfect time for a change. Specifically, a change in location. “Norway seemed to have everything I like: A growing tech industry, easy access to the outdoors which is stunning here by the way, and they speak English. I wanted a change, and this was a good time to make one. I had a list of countries that fit my criteria, but Norway ticked off the most boxes, especially when I saw the job posting from Kontali about the open vacancy as a Senior Software Developer”, says Ryan.

Ryan started his new position with Kontali as a Senior Software Developer back in August and has since been busy at work. As a Senior Software Developer, he will be doing a little bit of just about everything. From working on product development and design to infrastructure, Ryan’s everyday at Kontali will always vary in terms of prioritised tasks that needs to be completed.


A job offering future development and building things from scratch, every developer’s dream

“I’m excited about this opportunity that I’ve been given here. Kontali offered me a position where a lot of future development is possible which is great. They are also offering the opportunity to be a part of building things from scratch, which is every software developer’s dream”, says Ryan. When asked what he hopes to gain from working at Kontali, the answer is simple. “My goal is always to be better at what I do, to always improve and help others improve along the way as well”.


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