Salmon swimming up river in Norway

High Interest and Prices for Salmon

The summer season of 2021 is characterized by a strong interest for salmon.

As we recently wrapped up another Monthly Salmon report, we see that the interest in salmon, both for the product itself and for salmon production capacity or companies, is high in the investments sphere. And it’s not only the interest in salmon that is high. We are also seeing high salmon prices throughout markets.


Close to all time high salmon prices and activity around mergers and acquisitions

Fresh Chilean salmon fillets and fresh whole salmon are seeing high salmon prices in the US market, something that is as anticipated as the supply for Chile is not keeping pace with the market growth seen. Month by month during Q4-2020 and Q1-2021, the YOY decline in livestock inventory has been increasingly more notable, to a level close to -30% by the end of March 2021.

It is not only in the US market that we are seeing high salmon prices. European salmon prices are also picking up, although a bit later and with less impact than for Chile. This is supported by stronger than anticipated feed sales in Norway during the summer.

The spring and summer have also brought more activity around mergers and acquisitions, or processes towards such, than we have seen in many years. As we are only half-way through the year, it will be interesting to see the trends moving forward.


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Image: Shutterstock by Jakub Rutkiewicz