New employees, Ida and Gard

Let’s Welcome Our Newest Data Scientist and Analyst to Kontali

While this was the first time Gard stepped inside Kontali’s headquarters, Ida is returning to Kontali, both equally eager to start their new jobs.

In 2021, recruitment was an important aspect for company growth for Kontali. That is still the case in 2022. The company is still growing, and we need more people to join us in our goals of becoming the global reference point for seafood insight. We are therefore very happy to welcome back Ida, who previously worked for us as a summer intern back in 2021, and Gard!


Exciting job opportunities drew our newest additions to Kontali

Hired as our newest Data Scientist, Gard (32) is our newest addition to the tech team. Originally from Frei, Kristiansund, where he also lives today with his family, Gard was excited when he heard about the possibility of such a job here in his hometown. “These kinds of job opportunities are usually located in bigger cities, where there is a higher focus on data science, so I was extremely excited when this opportunity came my way in my own hometown. I just knew I had to go for it”, says Gard. With two certificates of apprenticeship, a bachelor’s degree in Automation and Robotics from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and a master’s degree in Cybernetics and Robotics from NTNU in his pocket, we are very excited to have Gard join our team. Since 2021, the tech team has increased immensely in resources through the recruitment of several highly skilled employees.

Last year, Ida (24) worked at Kontali as one of our summer interns. Now, she is returning to Kontali, having accepted an offer to join the analysis team as a fulltime Analyst. “I really enjoyed my time here at Kontali last summer. I learned so much and from day one I was faced with exciting and challenging projects”, says Ida. She continues saying that “I was sad when my summer internship was over in August of 2021, but then I got an offer from Kontali for a fulltime position after I finish my master’s degree program. I really feel like I landed the dream job!”. We are very pleased Ida accepted the offer as she was a great addition last summer and she will be an added resource moving forward. Ida is currently working for us in a 20% position while finishing her master’s degree in International Fisheries Management at UIT, the Arctic University of Norway, and will start her fulltime position on August 1 this year.


Trough problem solving and analyses, the goal is to create new and exciting insight for our customers

Gard has been in his new position for a couple of weeks now. Before starting at Kontali he worked at Stranda Prolog as an Automation Engineer for a year, where he was part of defining how projects should look and what to deliver. According to Gard, his day to day was affected heavily by problem solving. In his new role at Kontali, Gard will also focus on problem solving. “My responsibilities in the new role will be related to assessing and analysing the immense data selection we have in-house and from there develop new models that will create new and exciting insight for our customers while making the day to day easier for our in-house analysts”, says Gard.

Ida will continue working with the analysis team at Kontali. While finishing her master’s degree program, she will only work in a 20% position focusing on a combination of weekly and monthly reports for the species pelagic and salmonids, and the occasional Ad hoc assignments.  Once she starts fulltime, Ida’s focus will be on seafood in general.


Eager to start working, Gard and Ida are pleased with the focus on professional development at Kontali

Both Gard and Ida seem pleased with their new jobs and roles at Kontali and are both ready to make a difference at work. Both were also looking forward to the professional development Kontali offers. “I’m looking forward to exciting challenges coming my way, where I get to further develop my skills. Everyone here is so competent in their own areas, and in the short weeks that I have been here I can already tell that everyone is more than happy to share knowledge and experience to help each other grow professionally”. Ida agrees and adds “I really felt like I was learning from the best in the industry when I was here as a summer intern. Kontali has a really great work environment, something that is so important. What I have missed the most have been the people. I remained close with several people after I left my summer internship so it will be great being fully back at Kontali”.


We are always looking for new co-workers to join the Kontali team! Curious to see if you fit the bill? Discover your opportunities with us.