Margrét Alsvik Joins the Kontali Team Bringing in a Wealth of Knowledge 

Our Analysis team welcomed a new member who brought in strong and diverse knowledge of the aquaculture and fisheries industries.

Margrét Alsvik recently joined the Kontali team as an Analyst - We are thrilled to have her on board. Margrét was born and raised in Kristiansund, which is Kontali’s hometown. During the past 15 years, she mainly lived away from home, in places such as the USA, Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, but she felt it was time to move back home.
As a marine biologist, she naturally loves the ocean. She loves activities above and under water, such as swimming and diving. She explains her interest for the seafood industry came through her studies. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Aquaculture from NTNU in Trondheim.
The more she learned about the industry, the more curious she became. As the aquaculture industry is important for Norway and for the region she comes from, she finds it exciting to be involved in developing the industry in the best way possible for the future. During her studies, she specialised in aquaculture and wrote her master’s thesis on the effect of light on salmon lice larvae.
Various experiences creating a valuable outlook on the industry
She has previously worked as a biological operations technician in Lerøy at two of their sites in Valsøyfjord. There she gained practical experience in aquaculture and learned about the biology of both salmon and cleaner fish at sea farms. She then worked as a consultant on the seafood team at BDO in Trondheim. In this position, she got to work on various exciting projects in the seafood industry, both within fisheries and aquaculture. A large part of the job was being a project coordinator for the aquaculture cluster NCE Aquatech Cluster, which BDO leads and manages together with Fremtidens Industri. She got to work in many exciting fields, including operationalization of sustainability in companies, improvement of cleaning processes in salmon processing plants, development of new value chains for handling residual raw materials from aquaculture, agriculture and forestry, energy in aquaculture, and internationalization work together with Innovation Norway.
Joining a strong, competent and dynamic organisation
She recently joined Kontali as she finds it attractive to work in such a strong and competent professional environment. She also believes Kontali offers good development opportunities, which she highly values. At the same time, she says Kontali is an exciting company in which a lot has happened in recent years. She finds it fun to be part of the journey of a dynamic organisation.
Margrét will work as an analyst on various projects for Kontali’s customers, where she brings in her expertise and competence to develop and deliver products and services. There will be projects in both fisheries and aquaculture, on various species, which can be either national or international.
She hopes to develop both personally and professionally by gaining a broader perspective and better understanding of different parts of the seafood industry, as well as working with different people both across disciplines and nations. But perhaps the most important thing is to have a job you are passionate about and good colleagues that you enjoy working with!