Meet Christian, our summer intern!

How does a finance student gain relevant experience from a seafood analytics company? 

Tell us a little about yourself:  
My name is Christian, I’m 23 and currently working on my master's degree in finance at the Norwegian School of Economics.  

Why did you apply for a summer job at Kontali?  
Actually, this is my third summer working for Kontali.  Although Kontali is located in my hometown I did not initially think it was a relevant company for me to intern in. However, I decided to apply after a friend, who worked for well-known bank, mentioned the insight Kontali provided and their leading position within services related to the seafood sector. I have continued working for Kontali during my winter and summer holidays because I gain valuable experience and insight not found in classrooms.  

What tasks have you been assigned while working for Kontali? 
Kontali was great at adapting tasks to fit my background and interests. As a finance student I was primarily involved in projects related to the financial aspects of the value chain, with consumer contact and various exciting tasks. Furthermore, I was also involved in other projects which provided me with relevant experience apart from financial economics, such as business development and expansion of databases.  

What challenges did you face during your internship? 
One of the main challenges was that I knew little about the seafood sector before I joined Kontali . Luckily, I work with world leading experts that are more than willing to share their knowledge. When working on a project it is important to be curious and willing to learn about new topics and concepts. After thorough research and analysis you should by the end of the project have enough insight to convey high quality results to the client.   

Would you recommend Kontali as a place for summer internships? 
Absolutely! Kontali is a leading company within its field, with big and small clients all over the world.  If you are willing to work hard and deliver results you will be rewarded with trust to handle larger projects and being part of all aspects of the company. I received offers from other companies for summer jobs, but I turned them down for another summer at Kontali.  

What are your plans as your summer internship comes to an end? 
I will be returning to Bergen to write my master thesis. I have also received an offer to go on exchange to Berkeley, University of California, but that will depend on the COVID-19 situation this fall.  

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