Photo of new employee, Lars Erik Flatøy

Our Latest Senior Analyst, Lars Erik, Brings Tons of Experience to the Table

Our latest addition to the Kontali team has secured a seat with the salmon team. Lars Erik Flatøy is our newest Senior Analyst and brings experience and passion to share with his new co-workers. 

Our newest Senior Analyst brings tons of experience to the table and is ready to get to work.

“I am 45 years old, and I am originally from here, specifically from Frei which is located in Kristiansund”, says Lars Erik. Lars Erik has been hired as a Senior Analyst for the salmon team and we are excited to have him on board. With years of experience and a passion for the seafood industry, Lars Erik is a great addition to the team.

“While I have lived in the area pretty much all my life, I headed up to Tromsø for school. Back in 2001 I got my master’s degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture Science. I wrote my dissertation for Hydrotech-gruppen, which is today Lerøy Midt. I was actually so eager to start working, and I was lucky enough to have secured a job straight after my program, that I finished a five-year long program in four years”, laughs Lars Erik.

After he finished his master’s degree, he headed to Hydrotech-gruppen, now Lerøy Midt, where he got a job as a factory manager. After his time as a factory manager, Lars Erik has been with several different companies before starting at Kontali. He worked at Kystlab as a Managing Director, at Triangel as a Senior Management Consultant, as the HSEQ Director at Deep C, and Managing Director at Intopro, where he was also subcontracted as Lead Auditor at Bureau Veritas.


From getting acquainted with his day to day around the office, to working on various projects already, Lars Erik is eager for what the future at Kontali will bring.

At Kontali, Lars Erik will be working on the salmon team as a Senior Analyst. So far, he has been able to partake in various project around the office. “There is a lot of information and new processes to get acquainted with, which is fun. I have been trying to familiarise myself with what will be my day to day. I was also fortunate to be one of the hosts of this year’s Productivity conference here in Kristiansund, a yearly conference held by Kontali for over 20 years. You could probably say that was my first day at work”, laughs Lars Erik.

When asked why Kontali, Lars Erik is set in his answer. “Kontali has distinguished itself as a company that wants development in a field that is highly interesting, and they are daring enough to invest and take chances. There are not many competence centres within seafood and Kontali clearly stands out as the best choice. There is lots of strengths within the company and it is exciting to be part of Kontali’s journey forward”, says Lars Erik.

Lars Erik, like other new employees who have joined Kontali lately, are hoping to gain insight and work alongside industry experts in his new position at Kontali. “I hope I get to work with exciting areas in the industry, get a good picture of the industry on a deeper level while working with great people. So far, I have no complaints”, says Lars Erik.


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