Kristoffer and Helene, our two new employees.

Our New Employees are Ready to Code and Analyse Data

Hired to create new solutions, Kristoffer and Helene are excited to join the team. 

We recently announced that we had added four new skilled people to our team. Last week we welcomed Leana and Kristina to Kontali, our two new analysts. Today we welcome our latest addition to the tech team, Helene and Kristoffer, who will take part in building the new state-of-the- art technology platform Kontali is working on.


With a fondness for data and numbers, our new Software Developer and Data Scientist are ready to tackle any new challenges.

Originally from Kristiansund, our new Software Developer feels like he has found the dream job. “I grew up with computers and that really sparked my interest in data and making things work. I think I realised I should make it a career the day I realised why have someone come over to fix something if I could just fix it myself?”, say Kristoffer, our new Software Developer. Kristoffer has past experiences working as a developer, and just before he joined Kontali he was working as a full stack developer.

Helene, our new Data Scientist, is originally from Austria but has lived in Norway for the past seven years. She also took her interest and passion and made it into a career but for her numbers is the driving force. “I have always been fond of numbers. At one point I wanted to become a quantum physicist, but then I realised that math and numbers were just so much more fun.” Helene previously worked at Maritech in Molde for the past couple of years, as a Data Analyst.


New opportunities, professional development, and growth are just a few reasons why Kontali was the right choice for our new employees.

When asked why they wanted to join Kontali they both agreed that the company is facing exciting new opportunities and challenges, which made it nearly impossible to say no to the job. “The project that they are starting up here is exciting, challenging and a great opportunity to learn and I just had to be a part of it. I have joined a team filled with competent and heavily skilled people who are also fantastic to work with. And the fact that they are focusing heavily on teaching is a unique opportunity that any developer can not turn down”, says Kristoffer.

“I wanted more professional development and the opportunity to do other things while challenging myself. To be part of the development team is a great opportunity to be able to develop your skills while being able to participate in developing something new. To be part of building a new solution, and bringing that into the future, is a fantastic opportunity and something I have been looking for. The dream is to go to work excited to take on a new day. I feel lucky that I found that”, says Helene.


From simplifying today’s manual processes to working as a connector between the tech and analysis department, Kristoffer and Helene are getting into the swing of things.

Kristoffer and Helene have already been hard at work. Kristoffer has been focusing on the development of the new platform Kontali is building, where the focus is on relaying data and information to customers in a good and user-friendly way, in addition to simplifying today’s manual processes of doing things. Helene has been further developing existing data models. She will work as the connector between the tech and analysis department to map the needs for our analysts, come up with solutions on how to meet their needs and then work with tech to implement solutions.

Both are excited for the days to come and any new challenges that come their way. “I am passionate about data, there is no hiding that. But being able to join a team where I feel like I am equally allowed to contribute just as much as the next person, is a great feeling. I feel like Kontali has exceeded my expectations already and I am happy to be here”, says Kristoffer. Helene agrees and adds “At Kontali I have been given the opportunity to build on the skillset I already have and to be better at what I do. I am in close contact with those I work with and the fact that there is a big focus on growth and career here, is ideally for any new employee”.


We are always looking for new coworkers to join the Kontali team! Curious to see if you fit the bill? Discover your opportunities with us