Our new employees Kjetil and Michael

Our Tech Team Just Got Stronger

Meet the guys who are leading the efforts in building Kontali's state-of-the-art platform and customer interface, Kjetil and Michael. 

Kjetil is Kontali’s new Chief Technology Officer and he is ready for the job. He’s originally from Rørvik and has lived in Kristiansund since 2010. Before moving to Kristiansund, Kjetil spent 10 years in Trondheim. In Trondheim, Kjetil got interested in the city's developer community and quickly got involved. “Developer communities provide a great opportunity to meet others like you, sharing the same interests and passions within tech. When I moved to Kristiansund I realised there was no such offering so I started up Kristiansund IT-Forum. Today we have a solid member base, bigger than Molde”.  
Joining Kjetil is Michael, Kontali’s new Senior Software Developer. Michael is originally from Sweden and has lived in Norway since 2019. It was when he and his wife visited Norway in 2018 for the first time that they fell in love with the country and all of its beauty. They decided to make the move to Norway shortly after. Michael is excited to start his new position with Kontali, doing what he is passionate about. “I’ve always been interested in data. To be able to write code to solve problems that companies are facing but also to create new and creative solutions is incredibly fun." 
Both Kjetil and Michael have been in the tech game for several decades, but both agree that no day is the same in the tech world. “New technology arises often, and this keeps us updated and continuously challenged. I see that as a huge plus working in this industry and for anyone thinking of working in tech”, says Michael.  
When asked why they wanted to come work at Kontali, both shared the same thoughts. “When I heard about Kontali’s plans for the future, I knew I would have the opportunity to create something from scratch and contribute to creating the best technology team in the region. I was sold. In addition, working somewhere where you can learn from industry leaders is extremely valuable. If you work in software development and you’re looking for new opportunities, Kontali is going all in and has big plans for the future. It is a developer’s dream”, says Kjetil. Michael agrees and adds that Kontali has a strong foundation and that they have the experience and knowledge they need while also giving developers the coding freedom they dream to have. “I’m excited to introduce other new coworkers to the company and be a part of Kontali’s journey”.  
Kjetil and Michael will mainly be working on building the new state-of-the-art analysis platform, which will be an important tool for the in-house analysts and Kontali’s customers. “Technology is a relatively new area for Kontali so we’ll be building up the tech department with competence in mind so that we can build the new platform exactly how we’re envisioning it”, says Kjetil. Both Kjetil and Michael brings with them extensive experience in software development and they are excited to further build the tech team at Kontali.  
We are currently looking for our next Software Developer and Data Engineer / Data Scientist / Cloud Architect to join Kjetil and Michael on their tech journey at Kontali. Interested? Read more about our available positions here.