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Salmon Market Analysis 2022 Report and Key Highlights

Key highlights from this year's edition of Salmon Market Analysis is now available. What were the latest trends? 

The yearly report Salmon Market Analysis is now available! The report provides a detailed overview of the latest trends in the trade of salmonid products to all relevant markets around the world. This year, you can purchase the report via our new online shop! Purchase the report here


Key highlights

The 2022 report is now out, taking a deep dive into several different aspects. Here are some key highlights from the report:


1. The economy in all markets covered by the analysis rebounded in 2021 and for some countries, the economy was back on a pre-pandemic level. Lifting of COVID-19 measures in most markets had a positve impact on the economies and demand for salmon. 

2. Prices for fresh whole Atlantic salmon showed a rebound in 2021, from a 5-year low price level in 2020. The demand for the product benefitted from an increase in demand in the HoReCa segment, a segment that gradually opened through 2021. 

3. Ironically, the highest relative supply growth rate for fresh whole Atlantic salmon was observed for Ukraine, who due to the Russian invasion, will be in the other end of the scale in 2022. In nominal terms, fresh whole salmon supply to France increased the most. 

4. In 2021, the US maintained its position as the worlds biggest market for fresh and frozen Atlantic salmon fillets with strong supply growth in both categories. 

5. Frozen whole Atlantic salmon which during the pandemic gained popularity in many markets, lost momentum in 2021. 

6. For most markets, the Atlantic salmon supply value rose from 2020 to 2021 and for many markets the supply value ended at an all-time-high. 

Image: Shutterstock by MariusDobilas