Season's Greeting!

On behalf of Kontali and all our employees, merry Christmas!

As we now enter the days of Christmas and the new year, there is time to reflect on what has passed during 2020. Without a doubt this year has been one for the history books. The state of emergency which shaped the first half of 2020 threw unexpected challenges at us, and our daily life was in an environment of uncertainty. At the same time, opportunities arise during crises and this crisis has been a catalyst for change. Limited travels and more time with family seems to have been nourishing creativity and strategic reflections.

This year has seen some major changes for Kontali. Looking back, it is hard to believe I have only been with Kontali for less than a year. On the 6th of October we announced our acquisition of Seafood TIP, a company based in the Netherlands, and on the 1st of December Arendals Fossekompany officially acquired a 71 percent stake in Kontali. Both these acquisitions allow Kontali to strengthen its global position in systemizing the world of fisheries and aquaculture and expand its reach.

At the threshold of a new year, we are at an intersection of old and new. As we journey to the forefront of digital development to supply our customers with deeper insight and better user experiences, we must remember that our strength lies not in the data alone, but in our understanding and interpretation of the data. As the new year begins, this is a balance we will strive to achieve.

To all our old and new subscribers, we thank you for being part of our journey. We hope these next days will bring you serenity and lay the foundation for a happy new year.

Thomas Aas,
Managing Director



Photo: matunka, shutterstock