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Recent Stock Audit Results for Atlantic Salmon

Stock audit reveals 5% higher biomass YOY at the end of April 2021

As a result of the recent stock audit, the total standing biomass of Norwegian Atlantic salmon per ultimo April 2021 was adjusted down by 1,5 % or approx. 10 500 tonnes wfe (compared to our preliminary estimate). Part of the downward adjustment is considered as harvested through March-April and considered in frozen inventory instead. In addition, smolt release per end of April was somewhat lower than the preliminary estimate. With the combination of strong harvest, a poorer FCR and lower stocking, the biomass status at the end of April shows a biomass level of approx. 5% above last year. The standing biomass of Atlantic salmon at the end of April is estimated to 758 700 tonnes wfe.  

The number of 19G decreases rapidly, as the generation is being harvested out.  Per ultimo April the 19G S1 group was estimated to about 1 million individuals, and 19G S0 group to approx. 18 million individuals (-15 % or 3 million YOY). The 19G S0 biomass is estimated at 16 % or almost 15 000 tonnes wfe lower pr. end of April than for the corresponding fish group in 2020. 

For 20 G S1, which will account for most of the harvest volume in the next four-five months, the standing biomass was 2 % higher than for the 19 G S1 pr. end of April 2020. This due to a higher average weight (+4%) and approx. 4 million fewer individuals in the sea compared to 19G S1 in 2020. The autumn release from last year (20G S0), however, still shows a surplus compared to last year – both in terms of number of individuals and avg. weight. The biomass for 20G S0 is estimated more than 20 % or +42 000 tonnes wfe higher compared to the corresponding fish group last year. 

The harvest volume in April is estimated to 103 200 tonnes wfe. Compared to the same month in 2020, the harvest volume is estimated 1 % higher. Only marginal growth is expected for harvest volume in May 2021.  

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