Kontali's summer interns, Ida and Jostein.

Summer brings new summer interns

Ida and Jostein are happily trading away a relaxing summer break with numbers, data and programming.

With a background from NTNU and UiT, our new summer interns bring extensive knowledge to the table

Ida is 23 years old and comes from Oslo. She is currently living in Tromsø where she is also taking a master’s degree. She is currently in the first year of her master’s degree in International Fisheries Management at UIT, The Arctic University of Norway.  Before starting her master’s degree, she completed a bachelor’s degree in economics at Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester in Manchester, England. When asked why she picked the program Ida said “I think the seafood industry is extremely exciting and it shows promising opportunities for new professionals trying to start their career. A career in the seafood industry would be an exciting path”. Ida will be joining the Salmon team this summer, as a Junior Analyst.

Jostein and Ida will be working for Kontali during the summer as the company’s new summer interns, in two different departments. Both Jostein and Ida are currently in school, both enrolled in two different master’s degree programs at two different, but prestigious universities here in Norway. Jostein is 21 years old, born and raised in Trondheim, where he also currently lives. Jostein studies at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he is currently in the third year of his master’s degree in Physics and Mathematics. “I chose the program because I’ve always been fond of numbers and mathematics. The program is great because I get to spend every day with people just like me, talking about math and numbers. Surprisingly, not everyone loves talking about math but at my program we do”, says Jostein with a smile on his face. Jostein is joining Kontali’s tech team this summer, as a Junior Data Engineer.


From salmon analyses to software development, Jostein and Ida are tackling different, but equally important work this summer

Jostein is joining our tech team, where his primary focus this summer is making a better model and tool for Kontali’s analysts to use when analysing data. “Alongside other members of the tech team, I’m working on creating a better tool for analysing data. Simply put, creating smarter solutions for data processing and data modelling”, says Jostein. So far, he has been able to put a great deal of what he’s learned so far during his studies at NTNU into his work, but it’s a different ballgame to work in the field. “What I’ve learned so far in school has helped me understand a lot. I can use the thought process of what I’ve learned so far during my program in my work, but I’ve already learned so much already from just a few weeks here at Kontali in terms of approach, tools and applying knowledge into real-life situations and tasks.”

Ida is also putting her knowledge accumulated from her studies to the test and is currently working on several projects. “Right now I’m working on a project regarding land-based farming of Atlantic salmon. I’m also working with the salmon team this summer so I’ll be working on several projects regarding salmon, such as market analyses for finding the most suitable areas for farming. I get to use a lot of my background from my master’s degree program even though there are a lot of new things to take in”, says Ida.


Hoping to gain a strong network and learn from industry experts

When asked what they hope to gain from working at Kontali this summer, both agreed that gaining a broader network and learning from industry experts were things they were looking forward to. “At Kontali, we get to work closely with industry experts which is great. We get to learn from the best and create a great network while doing it. The job has already proven itself to be a great opportunity to do different things and gain valuable knowledge and experience while doing it, which I love”, says Ida. Jostein agrees and adds that he chose Kontali because it seemed like a great opportunity to get some great work experience while using what he’s learned in school. “I hope to get experience within data modelling, software development and data analysis, which I’ve already been gaining. The people here are great, extremely knowledgeable and happy to teach. I’m hoping to have a great summer with great people. So far, I’m having a great time”, says Jostein.


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