All I want for Christmas is You?

Thomas Aas shares his thoughts on Kontali’s plan for growth 

Following the change of ownership, Kontali is ready to hit the gas pedal and accelerate a  digital transformation of the company. Thomas Aas, the managing director of Kontali, shares his thoughts on the process.

Kontali was founded to provide insight to the Norwegian fish farming industry about what was going on in the markets and give indications on how the future will unfold. Step by step, Kontali has grown to become a trusted provider of independent and objective information to the seafood industry both in Norway and internationally.

Today the digital revolution in all industries is putting pressure on companies to examine if their business strategy can keep up with growing demand for information and high expectation for how data is delivered. Kontali has one of the world’s most extensive proprietary database s covering both aquaculture and fisheries. However, our company strength does not lie in the data alone, but in our expertise in understanding and interpret this data. Our passion and drive is to always provide the most accurate and reliable seafood insight, and in order to achieve this we must be at the forefront of digital development to supply our customers with deeper insight and better user experience.  Transferring our knowledge into new software and technology will give our experts more time to do what they do best, analyse, discuss with market players, and consult directly with our customers.

To become the leading reference on aquaculture and fisheries we are expanding our horizon to new markets and new countries, something we have already begun with our acquisition of Seafood TIP.  This is the first step in our global expansion.

To facilitate our growth, we are reliant on passionate and competent employees. Today we have world leading seafood experts providing analysis, but as we now take the leap into even more advanced analytics, advanced product development and extending our knowledge both in terms of species and geography we need more hands on deck.   In our first step of recruitments, we have seven available positions, five in Norway and two in the Netherlands. Read more about the available positions here.  The seafood industry is growing and is set to become one of the most important providers of protein heading into 2050. In our opinion, our vacant positions are some of the most interesting opportunities currently available.