New employees, Leana and Kristina

Two Talented Analysts are Joining the Kontali Team

A big welcome to our new analysts! Leana and Kristina made the move from Oslo and Tromsø to secure their dream job.

In August we said welcome to four new employees at Kontali and today we are speaking with two of them: Leana and Kristina. Leana and Kristina will both be working for us as analysts, and we are excited to have them onboard.


With strong academic backgrounds and a passion for fisheries and aquaculture, our two new analysts are perfect additions to the analyst team.

“Hi, my name is Leana and I’m 30 years old and originally from Croatia”, says Leana with a greeting smile. Leana moved to Norway in 2015 after finishing her master’s degree in Marine Fisheries Biology at the University of Split in Croatia. She has been living in Oslo since, recently working for the University of Oslo at CEES where she worked on collecting research on Norwegian ecosystems, focusing on cod and herring. When she received the offer from Kontali, the decision to relocate for what she considered to be her dream job was an easy decision to make. “I have always been very passionate about fisheries and aquaculture. While the move from Oslo to Kristiansund was a big decision as my entire family had to relocate, it was absolutely the correct one considering the opportunity I have been given”, says Leana.

Kristina, a 26-year-old originally from Lærdal, has been living in Tromsø for the past years. She agrees that the decision to relocate was an easy one, as she has also always been passionate about a career in fisheries and aquaculture. I just finished up my master’s degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, with a specialisation in aquaculture, at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway. “I really enjoyed my time there. It was very challenging but also very instructive. Tromsø is also a great city for those who love skiing! While I have enjoyed my time at UiT, I am excited to start full-time at Kontali as an analyst and put what I have been learning for the past years to real life scenarios”, says Kristina. 


From getting to know their way around the office, to already working on various tasks, our new analysts are excited to tackle new projects.

Leana and Kristina have both only been with Kontali for a couple of weeks now, but they have already been busy at work. Kristina is the newest addition to the salmon team and will be working on various things. “I will mainly be working on data modelling, and I will be working closely with our production simulation model and our marked simulation model. I will also be working closely with the tech department to build a more user-friendly data base for the analysts. They will be teaching me more about tech while I will be teaching them a thing or two about biology.  I have also been working on tracking data on salmon production in Scotland. Having only been at Kontali for a few weeks, I feel like I have been working on many different things already and it has already proven itself as being a very educational and exciting job!” says Kristina.

Before starting at Kontali, Leana had experience working with pelagic species, Mediterranean species and with ecosystems. At Kontali, Leana will be working with EUMOFA and other species, such as seabass and seabream. “Since starting Kontali, I have been working a lot with EUMOFA and their latest case study. I have also been working on getting to know the different databases and getting acquainted with the immense amount of data Kontali has been collecting over the years. It has been really exciting work so far”, says Leana.

When asked what they hope to get out of their work at Kontali, Kristina and Leana both agreed that they hope their new positions will further develop their skills and knowledge within the fisheries and aquaculture industry. “Kontali offers great opportunities professionally, but we are also able to work with great people. The work environment at Kontali seems great and I find that to be an important factor as well when picking a job”, says Kristina. Leana agrees and adds “There are tons of opportunities here at Kontali, to both grow professionally and on a personal level. At Kontali we are able to get insight into the industry on a whole new level”. 

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