Oskar, the latest addition to the tech department.

We Welcome the Latest Addition to the Tech Department: Oskar!

Newly graduated, Oskar is excited to take on his new position as Software Developer at Kontali. 

It was not long ago that we introduced two more additions to the tech team, Kristoffer and Helene. Today we are welcoming Oskar as the newest addition to the tech team, where he will be working as a Software Developer, writing code from scratch and contributing to building new solutions for Kontali.


Newly graduated, Oskar makes his move from Stavanger to Kristiansund to pursue his passion.

Oskar (23) is originally from Inderøy, Norway but has been spending the last few years in Stavanger finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University in Stavanger. Having newly graduated, Oskar was looking for a full-time position, and while he had enjoyed his time in Stavanger it was an easy decision to move up to Kristiansund for what Oskar considered the perfect match. “Once I saw the job listing, I knew this could be a great fit for me. I am excited to contribute to all the exciting projects the department have coming up”, says Oskar. 

While some people might struggle to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives, for Oskar it became quite clear early on. “I have always been interested in data and technology. Ever since High School, I have been wanting to make a career out of my passion so choosing the path towards becoming a Software Developer always seemed like the right decision for me”, says Oskar.


Writing code from scratch and contributing to new exciting projects

When Oskar started his search for a full-time position, he came across an available position by Kontali that asked the question “What is more fun? Making new solutions or maintaining old code? Making new solutions of course!”. As Oskar read more about what the job would entail, his interest piqued.  “It seemed like a great company to work for. In addition, I would be working on a lot of exciting projects, and I would have the opportunity to write new code from scratch. The team themselves have a big influence on what kind of technology and tools we will be working with, so having that option and influence on your own workday is phenomenal. What more could you ask for as a Software Developer?”, says Oskar. While the aquaculture and fisheries industry might seem foreign to Oskar, his job responsibilities don’t. 

Kontali has been around since 1987. In the past year, the company has seen immense growth in new employees. The company has been hiring more people, adding more departments to its roster, to work on the new opportunity the company is facing: Building a state-of-the-art digital platform for its customers. While Oskar has only been with the company for a few weeks, he has already gotten a great impression of those around him. “The people that I work with are people with a range of backgrounds and experiences from different industries.  They are all very extremely knowledgeable and eager to teach. I am being challenged and given opportunities to grow already. For someone who just graduated, it is great to find a job where they prioritise professional growth”, says Oskar.

Anyone who has just started a new job knows that the first couple of weeks can be a little overwhelming as there is a lot of new things you need to wrap your head around. How things work, who does what, and what needs to be done. “I have been with Kontali for three weeks now, and I have settled in very well. So far, I have been working on getting used to everything, who does what, and getting acquainted with the tasks given to me. I have also been part of choosing the technology we will be using for front end development on the tech side”, says Oskar.

“I already get to work with something I am so passionate about. Being able to work alongside such experienced people I hope to learn a lot in my new position. Gain new experiences and grow my skill set.”


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