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Average weight of weekly Norwegian sales of Atlantic salmon to the European market estimates now available in Norway Atlantic salmon sales view

In the middle of the Pacific salmon fishery season, the signals from the main fisheries are mixed. Reportedly, main fisheries in Russia are proceeding well, while sockeye salmon fisheries in Alaska passed the peak with catches well below expectations. First hand prices seem to be under pressure.

By the end of week 29 catches of wild Pacific salmon in Alaska have turned 77 million fish. Behind the overall catch figure, we see that the pre-season harvest projections for sockeye salmon will not be met as catches are over the top and so far, catches have been lagging the projected numbers. As per week 29, 44 million sockeye has been caught in Alaska. This is, as expected, well below the record high catches in 2022, but it is also behind the 5-year average catch number.

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