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From shrimp to groundfish, our team of world-leading seafood analysts deliver a series of reports, including weekly, monthly and yearly publications.

New: Salmon Farming Industry in Norway 2023

The highly sought-after report "The Salmon Farming Industry in Norway 2023" is now available! The annual benchmark report is based on the financial accounts of companies in the Norwegian salmon industry, giving the readers a better understanding of each company's performance and development, both compared to previous years and against industry competitors. Report is available with or without background numbers.

What We Offer

Weekly Reports

Need a weekly update from the world of Groundfish and Pelagic species that will give you the latest update you need to stay current? Kontali offers weekly reports specifically directed to Groundfish and Pelagic species with just that in mind.

Monthly Reports

Need a better understanding of certain species, areas, and/or products on a monthly basis? Kontali covers exactly this in a variety of monthly reports for customers to pick from, varying from our Monthly Cod report to our Chilean Export Report, and many more.

Yearly Reports

Get an overview of the preceding year for the salmonid sector through the annual reports. The reports give the reader an overview of the global salmon market, covers latest trends in salmonid products, gives a thorough overview of the Norwegian salmon-farming companies, and more.


Get the latest update and outlook from the aquaculture and fishery industries

We publish a wide range of weekly, monthly, and yearly reports and updates, covering all aspects of our customer's needs. For more information about our reports, and how to order one, please contact us.

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