Introducing Seafood TIP

Kontali completed its acquisition of Seafood TIP B.V. on 6th October 2020, strengthening its position as the leading global player in systemizing the world of fisheries and aquaculture. The acquisition is completed with Seafood TIP becoming a wholly- owned subsidiary of Kontali with offices based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Thomas Aas, Managing director of Kontali: 

"We are pleased to have completed the transaction with Seafood TIP, which is an industry player we have had a long-term relation with, both as a client and a cooperative partner. Seafood TIP has a strong foothold and knowledge within the seafood industry and will strengthen Kontali’s position in systemizing the world of fisheries and aquaculture.

With Seafood TIP onboard, the combined analytical capacity and sector coverage is expanded to all major segments within both finfish and crustaceans. This will strengthen Kontali’s commitment to increase transparency in the sector through insights and intelligence and also expand Kontali’s geographical presence with its offices in Utrecht."


About Seafood TIP

Seafood TIP is a member-based platform which provides intelligence on trade, production, and market developments of various seafood species. Its core mission is to increase the level of transparency in the seafood supply chain by combining data analysis and storytelling to stimulate profitability and sustainability within the sector.

Products and services provided by Seafood TIP shed light on what happens in supply chains and enable companies to find business partners that can meet their quality and sustainability requirements. Seafood TIPs sourcing intelligence products support countries in promoting their aquaculture sectors, setting their ambitions, highlighting ongoing sustainability initiatives, and facilitating businesses by providing information.


Seafood TIP 

‘t Goylaan 15
3525 AA Utrecht
The Netherlands