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We publish a wide range of weekly, monthly and yearly reports and updates. The weekly and monthly publications are available through our subscription service. For inquiries or to order publications, please contact us.

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Analyses and research

Over time, we have amassed expertise on a large variety of seafood species and industries and closely follow the value chains end to end, specifically for salmonids, pelagic fish, groundfish and seabass and seabream. We cover global trends, detailed in-depth analyses and everything in between and deliver analyses, research and reports to decision makers all over the world, both in private and public sectors.

Presentations and workshops

We participate and present at seafood seminars and conferences all over the world and can provide both data and presentation ideas. We also arrange, carry out and take part in workshops with our clients.

Data supply and benchmarking

From our databases, we can extract data and provide customised information about the global seafood industry. We also organise and coordinate objective benchmarking systems.

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Weekly publications

  • Aquaculture Bulletin

  • Weekly Salmon Outlook

  • Weekly Salmon Update

  • Weekly Aquaculture Update

  • Weekly Groundfish Update

  • Weekly Pelagic Update

Monthly publications

  • Monthly Salmon Report

  • Monthly Cod Report

  • Monthly Groundfish Report

  • Monthly Pelagic Report

  • Monthly Seabass and Seabream Report

  • Chilean Export Reports

  • South American Fishmeal and Fish Oil Report

  • Biomass Update Norway

  • Biomass Update Europe and Americas

Yearly publications

  • Salmon World

  • Salmon Market Analysis

  • Salmon Farming Industry in Norway

  • Norwegian Aquaculture Suppliers