Monthly Salmon Report

The report provides the reader with updates on the industry in all major salmon and trout producing countries. It also monitors salmon consumption in the main consumer markets and provides updates on important trade flows and market prices. The report is relevant for decision makers in the fish farming and fish processing industry, traders and related businesses.

The report is structured in four parts, covering production, main producing countries, trade flows to main markets as well as a chapter on wild salmon fisheries. The salmon and trout markets consist of supplies from the fish farming industry and the wild catch industry. We keep a close watch on both to see how they affect each other through landings, import and export statistics.

Our unique production simulation models enable us to give the reader information on the most important production factors, e.g. smolt release, feed consumption and harvest volumes. With an extensive network and world-leading expertise, Kontali monitors salmonid production and project future production trends.

The report gives the reader information on the trade of salmonids from the main producing countries and processing hubs as well as imports to the main salmon consuming markets. Seeing trade data in coherence with information collected from our network enables us to comment and advise about the current and future market situation.

You can also subscribe to an executive summary made available a week in advance as an additional product to the report (“Monthly Executive Salmon Summary”).

Biomass Update Norway

Based on Kontali’s production simulation model, this monthly update provides a straight forward status on the ultimo standing biomass of farmed Norwegian Atlantic salmon.

The standing biomass is presented in tables, arranged by generation, fish group, number of individuals and average weight. Each generation and fish group are compared to the corresponding fish groups the year before, providing the subscriber with the year-on-year development of comparable fish groups and on a monthly basis keep track on the standing biomass.

Biomass Update Europe and Americas

Based on Kontali’s production simulation models, the reader of this update will be able to follow the monthly development of the Atlantic salmon biomass from the world's main producing regions.

The world of farmed Atlantic salmon comprises several production countries. To cover the monthly development of global standing biomass, this report presents a two-part overview of Europe (Norway, Ireland, UK, Faroe Islands) and Americas (Chile, US, Canada). The production volume covered by these two producing regions is presented in both table and graph format.

Monthly Cod Report

The report gives valuable information concerning catch and supply, as well as an insight into the supply chains for frozen, fresh and conventional products for both Atlantic and Pacific cod.

Each issue includes an introduction discussing recent trends and topics in the industry and a subject of the month, which looks closer into various whitefish related topics, e.g. whitefish from aquaculture. 

Follow the latest development in catches of cod from commercial fisheries with quota residuals, ex-vessel price development for different size categories and supply from the most important catch nations. Development in important cod markets regarding export/import prices and volume, wholesale prices and supermarket prices are tracked, such as cod supply to the EU and the USA. In addition, the trade flow of cod products in and out of China is presented in this report.

Monthly Groundfish Report

The report gives valuable insight into the groundfish species haddock, saithe, pollock and hake through extensive data presentation and comments. The report includes data concerning catches, quotas, ex-vessel prices and trade development with aligned commentaries. 

You can follow catches of haddock, saithe, pollock and hake from commercial fisheries with quota residuals for the biggest catching nations. Ex-vessel prices for haddock and saithe in important catch nations and wholesale and retail prices for saithe and hake are also presented in the report. 

Market development is tracked with supply data from the most important catch nations, including both fresh, frozen and salted/dried products. Exports and imports for all significant markets are highlighted for you to be able to follow the latest trends in the market.

Monthly Pelagic Report

The report gives you a unique opportunity to get insight into the latest trends in the world of pelagic species. The first part of the report focuses on species for human consumption such as herring, mackerel, sardines and capelin. The second part contains a separate section for fishmeal and fish oil where the focus is the production of fishmeal and fish oil in the main producing countries, market development and prices. 

Each issue includes an introduction discussing recent trends in the pelagic industry as well as a «subject of the month» in each part of the report giving the reader a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the industry. The report also contains information regarding catches, landings and market development for all the most important supply nations and markets in the global pelagic industry.

Monthly Seabass and Seabream Report

The report is structured in two main sections, main markets and production. Each issue also includes an introduction written by a designated analyst, providing insight into relevant industry events.

For the main markets, the report presents trade volumes and average prices from the main supplying countries. In addition, wholesale and retail information is available for selected markets. For the producing countries, overall production estimates and feed sales are presented as well as export volumes and average prices of selected products to the main destination markets.

Chilean Export Reports

As the second largest salmon exporting country, Chile plays a major role in the global salmon market. In these monthly reports, you can follow the development in export volumes and prices for Chilean salmon to the most important and emerging markets.

Three Chilean export reports are available, for Atlantic salmon, coho and trout respectively. The reports are published in the first week of every month with the latest available data.

The reports present volume and FOB export price figures for main products to selected countries and markets. This enables you to compare and follow the monthly development of each market and product. In addition, the reports contain freight cost development and export shares per size group to China and Brazil.

South American Fishmeal and Fish Oil Report

The most important fishmeal and fish oil suppliers worldwide are in South America, i.e. Peru and Chile. In this monthly report, you can follow the latest trends in export volumes and prices for these countries to their main markets. 

Volume and price series of international trade are broken down by market/country and by supplying country. This enables you to keep track of each market and supplier separately and compare development in the relevant markets. For Peruvian suppliers, we also present supply data on a company level for the main exporters to their most significant markets.

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