Aquaculture Bulletin

This is a bi-weekly report, designed to give the subscribers brief, up-to-date and reliable information on the latest development and trends within the industry and its markets. 

Aquaculture Bulletin aims to be a guideline for investors in aquaculture business. Currently, the list of subscribers includes decision-makers from investors, banks and stakeholders along the aquaculture value chain.

Each issue contains a topic that provides you with an in-depth analysis of a time-relevant theme. Furthermore, the report highlights key prices and supply trends to main markets (EU, USA, Japan, Russia and Other), with a qualitative analysis of the latest development in the described market. Our analysts estimate future supply and prices in separate chapters. In the latter part of approximately every other release, an in-depth analysis covers species outside of the salmon sector, e.g. seabass and seabream, pangasius or a pelagic species.

Weekly Salmon Outlook

The outlook covers short-term trends and forecasts related to production and market supply of farmed Atlantic salmon. Well suited as technical support for decision-makers within the salmon farming and processing industry, subscribers can keep track of the latest analyses from Kontali with supporting comments highlighting last week’s events.

Production factors are presented for Norway, Europe and to a lesser extent Australia and the Americas. For Norway and Europe, you can follow our latest analyses regarding biomass development, harvest volumes and harvest weights. For Australia and the Americas, the analyses include harvest volume trends. All regions contain forecasted figures from our unique production models for the next couple of months. 

Markets are covered through supply trends, market value indexes for the EU, USA, Russia and Japan, and the most important exchange rates. Price series presents weekly data from Norway, Japan, France and the USA, and forecasted European «spot» prices for the upcoming four months.

Weekly Aquaculture Update 

This update presents several price and volume series covering a number of different species, such as Atlantic salmon, cod and seabass and seabream. In addition, Norwegian feed sales are tracked with the latest available figures.

Norwegian weekly harvest quantity is covered, as well as export figures for some of the main salmon and trout products. Also, you will receive several wholesale and retail price series for France, Spain, the USA and Japan.

Background figures are available as an additional product to the update (“Weekly aquaculture figures”).

Weekly Salmon Update

Each Thursday we present weekly price trends for superior quality salmon, FCA Oslo and weekly sales volumes of Norwegian salmon, both broken down by size groups. In addition, the average harvest weight for the applicable week is calculated. With this update, you can keep track of how each size group develops from week to week in terms of prices and harvest.

Weekly Groundfish Update

This update presents weekly information regarding volume and price development for the main supplying countries and markets for various groundfish species and products.

Weekly Norwegian exports of cod are presented with volume and price information. Also, monthly development in EU imports of tilapia, Alaska pollock and pangasius are tracked. The update contains several weekly price series: ex-vessel prices, retail prices and wholesale prices for various groundfish species.

Background figures are available as an additional product to the update (“Weekly groundfish figures”).

Weekly Pelagic Update

This update gives you the latest development in meal and oil prices, in addition to a selection of Norwegian landings and exports of mackerel and herring.

The update presents prices and price ratios for fishmeal, soybean meal and rapeseed meal as well as fish oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil.

Background figures are available as an additional product to the update (“Weekly pelagic figures”).

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