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Analyses and Research

Kontali offers analyses by extensive research, customised for our clients ranging from market stakeholders to financial markets and the public sector.

Our designated analysts follow the global salmon industry as well as the complete value chain in terms of pelagic fish, groundfish and seabass and seabream. With our world-leading production and market models for Atlantic salmon, coho, trout, seabass and seabream we monitor and forecast production and keep track of the fish into its destination markets.

In addition, we have extensive experience from projects concerning several other species, such as: tilapia, tunas, sharks, octopus, shellfish, crustaceans and algae.

All our models are based on a unique combination of public and private information, our wide network of industry contacts and our own expertise.

We keep track of suppliers, industry structures and international trade within the seafood sectors, both specifically and on a general basis. Through countless projects, we’ve gained detailed knowledge and broad experience in all parts of the seafood value chain. We also have several assignments and cooperation projects with public authorities, research institutions and organisations.

Presentations and Workshops

We participate and present at seafood seminars and conferences all over the world. We also deliver analyses and presentations to decision makers in closed seminars and board meetings. If you need help with your own presentation, our analysts will most likely have the necessary data and a good idea on how to present it.

We arrange, carry out and participate in workshops with our clients. Workshops can include everything from overall market benchmarking to in-depth analyses and testing of company strategies where we can modify our production and market models to produce different scenarios of future market developments.

Data Supply and Benchmarking

From our ever-growing databases, we can extract data and provide customised information about the global seafood industry according to your needs.

We also organise and coordinate objective benchmarking systems that facilitate a deeper knowledge of the market and a better foundation for decisions.

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