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Seafood Explained: Land-based salmon farming - Hockey stick dreams, hairy back reality

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Seafood Explained: Land-based salmon farming - Hocky stick dreams, hairy back reality

Welcome to our webinar, Seafood Explained.

In our webinar series Seafood Explained we aim to cover a multitude of pertinent topics to the seafood industry. And for our next free webinar, our Host and Sales Director Ragnar Rønning is joined by Lead Analyst for Salmonids Lars Daniel Garshol to tackle the very salient topic of land-based salmon farming. 

The ambitious hopes of land-based forecasts have failed over and over again, producing an unfortunate pattern you'll likely recognize. Many new industry players with RAS & FT technology are now set to prove "steady-state" or "proof of concept" in large scale operation.

The growth from ocean-farmed salmonids is becoming more limited, where fish health and new capacity are the major barrier. The webinar will highlight current state-of-play, strategy and technology development, in addition to our updated global outlook for land-based farmed salmonid sector.


To sign up for the webinar, register here.

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