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Seafood market insight empowering your decision-making

Deep dive into the world of seafood with Kontali, the leading seafood analysis and insights provider. With decades of expertise, our analysts are here to provide you with forecasts, data and insight to guide you through the ever-evolving seafood market, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.

Discover Kontali Edge

Kontali Edge is designed to be the most complete online platform for seafood market insight.

Seafood data for better decision-making

Kontali offers unmatched monitoring of aquatic life, providing in-depth knowledge on species such as salmonids and shrimp. Dive deep into data, revealing growth and performance trends to always stay in the know and make better informed decisions.

Insights by world leading seafood experts

Our analysts are the world's leading seafood and aquaculture experts. Access daily commentaries, updates and news written by our expert analysts through Kontali Edge, our online platform.

Stay ahead of the curve

Benchmark your own activities against the market, and spot trends in advance to steer your business in the right direction. We help you make better informed decisions.

About Kontali

The global seafood insight reference

At Kontali, we are dedicated to making seafood knowledge accessible and easy to understand. Our mission is to enable the world of seafood to realise its full potential through reliable insight.

We provide the world's most comprehensive proprietary seafood database. With models rooted in deep knowledge, industry experience and decades of expertise, we are here to enable you to make better informed decisions.


Hear from our customers

Kontali assists me in my daily tasks, ensuring I'm updated with crucial details about the salmon industry. The platform is not only very useful but also intuitive, presenting the most relevant information swiftly and simply. Edge provides the data I require, complemented by valuable insights from its analysts. Think of it as the Bloomberg for the fishing industry.

Erik Cederberg

Equity Research, Handelsbanken

As an equity analyst, access to data is crucial for providing relevant research and investment recommendations. Kontali Edge offers up-to-date data and boasts one of the most extensive databases in the seafood industry. The portal makes it easy to extract data quickly and gain an overview of global supply and demand patterns, which is highly relevant in the fast-paced environment in which we work.

Sander Lie

Equity Research, Pareto

Kontali Edge provides crucial data to predict short and long-term market trends. With up-to-date information available during key planning periods, we stay informed about global shifts in seafood consumption. This allows us to communicate with our partners and strategize to boost sales. Additionally, Kontali Edge is user-friendly, enabling custom report creation and easy data sharing for independent analysis.

Matti Isohätälä

Vice CEO, Hätälä

Kontali has provided our business with insightful, up-to-date information relating to the salmon sector for many years now. The new platform Edge takes this to the next level. It’s intuitive, delivers all the relevant data quickly and simply, and offers valuable insights from analysts too. Without a doubt, it’s the most comprehensive sector database available, with the Kontali team on hand to help should you have any questions.

Celine Kimpflin

Head of Markets, Scottish Sea Farms

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