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Our customers range from the largest salmon producers in the world to small local start-ups introducing new technology. We have customers in every part of the seafood value chain in every corner of the world, including suppliers and service providers, fish farmers, fishermen, feed producers, processors, exporters, banks, brokers, hedge funds, insurers, public authorities, research institutions and organisations.


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Kontali assists me in my daily tasks, ensuring I'm updated with crucial details about the salmon industry. The platform is not only very useful but also intuitive, presenting the most relevant information swiftly and simply. Edge provides the data I require, complemented by valuable insights from its analysts. Think of it as the Bloomberg for the fishing industry.

Erik Cederberg

Equity Research, Handelsbanken


Learn about our current and previous projects with our collaborators

Kontali participates in a number of collaborations, both small and large, directly with the industry and more broadly together with universities and research institutions, organisations, governmental bodies and public authorities. We’ve also provided general market insight and in-depth industry analyses in collaborations with the industry in international anti-dumping cases and mergers.


The European market observatory for fisheries and aquaculture products (EUMOFA) is a market intelligence tool, developed by the European sCommission. It aims to increase market transparency and efficiency, analyse EU market dynamics, and support business decisions and policy-making. Kontali is a member of the consortium providing some of the company’s renowned services and has since the beginning of the project in 2010 played a central role in data collection, harmonization, quality assurance, market intelligence and analyses.

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