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Your source for comprehensive seafood market analysis

Our team of world-leading seafood analysts deliver a series of reports, to serve as your update and outlook, covering various topics.


3 270 EUR

Salmon World 2024

yearly report

Get a complete overview of the global salmon market.

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957 EUR

Chilean Export Reports

monthly report

Follow the development in export volumes and prices for Chilean salmon to the most important and emerging markets.

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2 490 EUR

Norwegian Aquaculture Suppliers 2023

yearly report

The report highlights trends in the supplier markets through analyses of key financial metrics.

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3 500 EUR

The Salmon Farming Industry in Norway 2023

yearly report

A thorough overview of the Norwegian salmon-farming companies.

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2 970 EUR

Salmon Market Analysis 2023

yearly report

A detailed overview of the latest trends in the trade of salmonids.

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