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Seafood experts with the world’s most extensive proprietary database covering aquaculture and fisheries. We are here to answer your questions pertaining to the seafood sector.

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  • November 17: International Cold Water Prawn Forum Tromsø, Norway

Systemizing the world of aquaculture and fisheries

The sea covers more than 70% of the earth's surface and is an important source of industry, transport and leisure. There are millions of resources, and a myriad of data and information about seafood waiting to be discovered, analysed and brought to life.

We are leading the way within systemisation and understanding of such resources.

Part of Alytic

On the 1st of December 2020 Arendals Fossekompani (AFK) acquired  a 71 percent stake in Kontali Analyse.

AFK established the new company Alytic, initially wholly owned by AFK, to transform a wide range of data-driven companies that offers key decision support to their respective industries. Kontali is the first company in the Alytic portfolio, but we expect more to follow.

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Our services

Analyses and research

Over time, we have amassed expertise on a large variety of seafood species and industries and closely follow the value chains end to end, specifically for salmonids, pelagic fish, groundfish and seabass and seabream. We cover global trends, detailed in-depth analyses and everything in between and deliver analyses, research and reports to decision makers all over the world, both in private and public sectors.

Presentations and workshops

We participate and present at seafood seminars and conferences all over the world and can provide both data and presentation ideas. We also arrange, carry out and take part in workshops with our clients.

Data supply and benchmarking

From our databases, we can extract data and provide customised information about the global seafood industry. We also organise and coordinate objective benchmarking systems.

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